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How will we create a better customer experience?

Working in both physical and digital space, with product and services, every touchpoint is an opportunity to meet the needs of customers. We’ll learn to go beyond basic usability and create truly elegant experiences that delight. At the heart of Archetype’s methodology, we juxtapose processes to achieve a balance between artistic insights + analytic rigor.  

Will this work for you? And your team?

This methodology works beautifully for entrepreneurs brand new to design, designers working to hack deeper into products, new tech and experience design, as well as product teams working to cultivate a cohesive, meaningful product vision and work though sprints in a truly collaborative, cross-disciplinary conversation – let’s bring UX + engineering closer together!

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I’ve made lots of things for the world’s most loved brands. And now, I’ve made this for you.

Hi, I’m Bryn McCoy.  My favorite products to launch are the tools for makers to make things happen.  So thanks for being here. I can’t wait to see your work flourish! 

In addition to Archetype Supply Co., I’m also cofounder of Citizen Made, worked as product owner for Oprah’s Emmy award-winning series ‘Lifeclass’, product design director for Uptake and director of digital product for Threadless. In my 20 years as a product + experience designer and software engineer, one thing’s for sure: I love making meaningful products at the intersection of physical and digital–whether wellness, fashion, home goods, cars, apps, maps, toys–these mindfully made things make a difference + this is the best job in the world.